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The Orchard was a magic place...



The Orchard

The Orchard was a magic place, a child’s dream come true.

Amongst the sea of apple trees, so many things to do…

With apples to pick, and cider to squeeze, and rides to ride all day,

We wished the Spring, Summer, and Fall would never go away!


If we wanted a treat, we would stop by and visit Hadley’s Sugar Shack,

Where he’d cook up a batch of his caramel corn and give us each a sack.


Then on to the GardenCenter we’d go, to see all the flowers and plants…

and gaze with awe at each living thing, even ladybugs and ants!


When we were hungry we’d meet Mom and Dad,

at the restaurant by “Country Straw.”

Together we’d sup, a family of many,

always willing to take on some more!


Then on to the ferry boats we would go,

The HighlandQueen and CiderRiverBelle.

The bright red paddles and crisp white rails are what we remember so well.

Down to the docks and onto the deck, to ride with Captain Len…

Once we had ridden three times over, we’d ask to ride again!


Finally our favorite, the height of the day, to the station we would go,

Where I’d ring the bell and tell all the people the things that they should know.

“Please remain seated while the train is in motion” I’d announce so loud and clear…

“Keep your arms and legs inside the train at all times” as riding time came near.


The little steam engine, in real life was, the “LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD!”

With brother Mark our engineer, EVERY ride was good!

He’d lead us down the little track beside the pond so blue…

Soon we would see, to our surprise, a tunnel to go through.

He’d whistle the whistle and clang the bell, and give us all a fright,

Until we saw, at the end of the tunnel, there finally was a light!


Winter had a magic all its own, the pond now frozen in time.

We would skate and play and learn our turns, and stop upon a dime.

When we got cold and our noses were icicles, to the station went the whole crew,

Where the pot belly stove was blazing a blaze to warm us through and through.


Then we’d wait for Spring to bring us the blossoms

that promised us apples and more…

more memories, and friendship, and

love in abundance is what The Orchard was for.


©Beth Ellen DiLuglio 






Highland Orchards Scituate Rhode Island